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Rolling your own cigarettes gives you the freedom to get exactly what you want out of your smokes, but rolling your tobacco with papers can be hard. Instead we offer pre-made cigarette tubes, negating the need to buy expensive pre-packaged cigarettes. It’s a quick, easy way to get high quality cigarettes without the hassle of rolling papers or the high costs and added chemicals of manufactured cigarettes. From the tobacco to the cigarette tubes, you can pair products from a variety of blends to create cigarettes that are uniquely your own while saving a ton of money in the process.

We carry a wide variety of cigarette tubes with filters for a smooth smoke every time, even if you’re an ultra light smoker. Our cigarette tubes include:

  • VeraCruz Cigarette Tubes
  • Beretta Elite Cigarette Tubes
  • Windsail Cigarette Tubes
  • Ramback Cigarette Tubes

You can find both king and 100s in a variety of sizes here in our cigarette tubes section.

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Windsail Elite Blue 100MM 200ct Windsail Elite Blue 100MM 200ct

The 100 comes in a 200 ct box with a 25 mm filter and high denty element.

Our Price: $3.39
ZEN Red 250ct ZEN Red 250ct

Full flavored king tube comes 250 in a box

Our Price: $2.99
ZEN Blue 250ct ZEN Blue 250ct

Light tube at a great price for 250 tubes

Our Price: $2.99
ZEN Menthol 200ct ZEN Menthol 200ct

king size menthol tube 200ct

Our Price: $3.99
Premier 100mm Red 200ct Premier 100mm Red 200ct

Full flavored 100MM tube 200ct

Our Price: $3.99
Premier 100mm Blue 200ct Premier 100mm Blue 200ct

Light 100MM tube 200ct

Our Price: $3.99
Premier Menthol 100MM Premier Menthol 100MM

Just the right amount of menthol for your smokes. 100mm menthol tube. 200ct carton

Our Price: $3.79
ZEN 100MM Red ZEN 100MM Red

Full flavored extra long, just how you like it. And 250 ct for extra value.

Our Price: $3.59
ZEN 100MM Blue ZEN 100MM Blue

An excellent 100mm light tube and a great price. 250ct carton

Our Price: $3.59
Zen 100MM Menthol 200ct Zen 100MM Menthol 200ct

great 100mm menthol tube

Our Price: $4.09
Classic Red - King Size Classic Red - King Size

Classic Full Flavor - 200 tubes

Our Price: $2.29
Classic Blue - King Size Classic Blue - King Size

Classic Blue - 200 tubes

Our Price: $2.29
1839 Regular King Size 1839 Regular King Size

Popular Full Flavor tube.

Our Price: $2.99
1839 Smooth King Size 1839 Smooth King Size

Smooth King size tube.

Our Price: $2.99
Majestic Blue 100's Majestic Blue 100's

Smooth/Mild 100's tube.

Our Price: $3.49
Majestic Blue King Size Majestic Blue King Size

Smooth/Mild King size tube.

Our Price: $2.89
Majestic Red 100's Tubes Majestic Red 100's Tubes

Full Flavor 100's

Our Price: $3.49

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