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Electric Cigarette Machines & Manually Operated Tobacco Injector Machines

Making your own cigarettes allows you to choose the type of tobacco and paper used, giving you more control over the taste, strength, and cost of your cigarettes. Old cigarette making machines were all the same in that they filled a hollow paper tube with tobacco, but didn’t necessarily make the process easy or efficient. Rolling your own cigarettes was a rather cumbersome chore, with lots of wasted tobacco and wasted time, resulting in loosely packed cigarettes and poor consistency from one cigarette to the next.

A new generation of cigarette making machines like the Powermatic II enable personal cigarette production to be much more easy, fast, and efficient. Electric cigarette injector machines and manual tobacco injector machines produce cigarettes that burn perfectly, and offer a consistently pleasurable experience. Here at Indian River Tobacco, we a great selection of tobacco injector machines, including:

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Powermatic Mini Manual Machine Powermatic Mini Manual Machine

This compact machine is great for on the go. Simply pack the tobacco tray, insert tube on the nozzle, push down the top, then slide the tab on the side to inject your tobacco.

Our Price: $19.99