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Cigarette Smoking Accessories

Cigarette smoking accessories help you make the most of your tobacco. We have everything you need to store, roll and enjoy your tobacco.

  • Cigarette Cases
  • Tobacco Humidifiers
  • Injectors
  • Cigarette Papers
  • Rolling Machines
  • Pipe Screens

If you like to roll your own cigarettes you know having the right cigarette smoking accessories is a must. We carry only the best tobacco smoking accessories from top manufacturers.

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Gizeh Pop-Up Filter Extra Slim
Our Price: $1.19

Pipe Tobacco Humidifiers
Hydrostone Tobacco Humidifier
Our Price: $1.99

The Hydrostone Tobacco Humidifier is the perfect way to revitalize dry tobacco and keep it moist and delicious. This pipe tobacco humidifier helps restore the lost moisture and keeps the environment in equilibrium, making for reduced waste and an overall better smoking experience.

Zig Zag Case
Our Price: $1.99

This is a great siple case designed for both king and 100mm smokes. Simply turn the top of the case around for the difference in height as seen in the photo.
GIZEH Flip Case
Our Price: $2.29

Plastic hardbox in assorted colors. Holds 18-20 king size cigarettes.
Pipe Screen .625"
Our Price: $2.50

5 packs of 5 screens. total of 25. in a choice of Brass or Stainless Steel.
Pipe Screen .750"
Our Price: $2.75

5 packs of 5 screens. total of 25. in a choice of Brass or Stainless Steel.
Lighter Leash
Our Price: $2.99

The Original Lighter Leash® is designed to hold a standard size Bic® lighter or similar size lighter (like Clipper® and Winlite®). This style clips snuggly to one's belt, pocket, skirt, or purse and gives its user quick access to a lite.
Extinguisher AshTray
Our Price: $3.39

Cup Holder Extinguisher AshTray w/handle traps odors
GIZEH Metal Hand Roller
Our Price: $3.49

This is a quality steel construction roller
Waterproof Cigarette Case
Our Price: $3.49

This waterproof case will holder either your RYO or your traditional cigarette case. Great for boating or camping. comes in 3 translusent colors.

Buy Tobacco Accessories Online and Save

Indian River Tobacco Traders has a complete line of cigarette accessories online for customers that can’t make it down to one of our two stores. All of our tobacco accessories online are just as well priced as the high-quality products we carry in-store. It’s the next best thing to sitting down in our smoking lounge.

Many of the products are also eligible for FREE shipping. Just look for the green truck icon to find cigarette smoking accessories that qualify.