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Hydrostone Tobacco Humidifier
Pipe Tobacco Humidifiers

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Product Code: HYO60


Hydrostone Tobacco Humidifiers & Rehydration Devices

If left for unsealed for even a small amount of time, tobacco can lose its moisture - leaving it dry, unusable, tasteless, and eventually wasted. Tobacco leaves, cut tobacco, and paper all expunge moisture to the surrounding environment, particularly if the air is too dry.

As a result, tobacco’s physical properties degrade resulting in shrinkage, brittleness, flaking, splitting, and tearing. The Hydrostone Tobacco Humidifier is the perfect way to revitalize dry tobacco and keep it moist and delicious. This pipe tobacco humidifier helps restore the lost moisture and keeps the environment in equilibrium, making for reduced waste and an overall better smoking experience.

Using this tobacco humidifier is simple. Simply immerse the stone in water for a few minutes. While the stone is acquiring moisture, put your dried tobacco in a sealed container. Next, pull the stone out of the water and put it in the sealed container with the tobacco. After around 15 minutes, you’ll be left with moist, revitalized tobacco that’s moist just like the day you bought it.

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